How To Fish In Lava In Terraria

Are you new to the game and wondering how to fish in lava in Terraria? Good news, with the latest updates, fishing has improved a lot for game players like yourself.

Fishing in lava is a skill that we get asked about a lot and is why we found it necessary to provide you with an answer on how to do it. When it comes to fishing in lava you will need the right equipment that can withstand the hot magma. Unfortunately, you can’t just use regular equipment because it will melt.

Fishing In Lava In Terraria

Acquire The Hotline Fishing Hook

The first item you will need is the Hotline Fishing Hook pole. We hate to be the bear of bad news, but this item is very hard to come by. You will have to complete a bunch of quests on hardmode to even have a chance at getting this fishing pole. Click this link to learn how to get the Hotline Fishing Hook pole in Terraria. We will provide you with as much information as possible to start you off on right path to acquiring it.

Acquire the Lavaproof Fishing Hook

Now that you have acquired the hotline fishing hook pole, you will need to obtain the Lavaproof fishing hook to attach to it. Yes, this is another step, and we get your frustration; however, it can be done! With this specific hook you can use any fishing pole to fish in lava and you won’t need to try catching lava critters any longer! Click here to learn how to get the lavaproof fishing hook.

How To Fish In Lava Using Lava Critters

Another option you have to fish in lava is to catch lava critters. In order to catch these critters you will need to acquire the Lavaproof Bug Net. This item can be crafted easily by using a regular bug net and 15 hellstone bars. It’s that simple! Because these critters are rare to spawn, you don’t want to accidently kill any of them while they are in your inventory. That being said, the very first thing you will want to acquire is the Guide to Critter Companionship. Below is a list of the three critters you will want to acquire.

  • Hell Butterfly
  • Lavafly
  • Magma Snail

Once you have these critters or at least one of them, you can attach them to any fishing rod and you’ll be able to fish in lava. One thing to note, these bugs do not have a high bait power, so it will take a lot longer to catch a fish than it would with some of the better equipment.

Hopefully, this page has provided you with enough information to answer how to fish in lava on Terraria. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us. We love playing this game, and enjoy helping newcomers play as well.